Friday, April 10, 2015

Week of 04/05/2015-04/11/2015

Reading/Language Arts : Mimzy wrote a summary of her favorite anime/manga of the moment, Naruto, and did research on the different kinds of martial arts they do. She also did some worksheets from the internet.

Math : We continued studying the 7 times table and finished up her Star Wars math book this week.

Social Studies : We read Mercury and the Woodsman, which teaches that honesty is the best policy. Then we discussed times when it has been hard to be honest (such as when she's in trouble) and why it is still best to tell the truth.

Science: Mimzy read about Life in the Sahara, and also read Rudyard Kipling's "How the Camel Got it's Hump." We did a bit more research about camels, and she drew a picture in her journal.

Health : This week we discussed the impact of technology and media, and how they affected her vision, posture, and hearing. We did some experiments regarding her hearing, including observing how our ears adjusted to loud and soft environments over time.

Art : We colored eggs on Saturday, using egg dye and crayons, and then once the eggs dried we dripped food coloring onto them to give them a tie-dyed look.

Music : We printed flashcards for various musical notations and she identified them in her music book.

Extra : Easter! We had a couple of Easter parties to attend this weekend, and Mimzy had a blast, as always.

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