Thursday, November 20, 2014

Week of 11/16/2014-11/22/2014

Reading/Language Arts : We got back onto schedule this week, reading Solomon Owl every day and writing about his adventures in her reading journal.

Math : We reviewed our time tables, did, etc as usual. We did mixed problems using all 4 processes, and read a math story that helped to introduce and explain the long division sign for presenting division problems. She also had fun doing some measurement and money-counting worksheets.

Social Studies : Mimzy identified the British Isles on the globe and drew a map showing the United Kingdom and Ireland. She colored and marked each location on the map and created a legend and a compass rose to help explain the map.

Science : This week we read a science story about bees, then wrote and drew about it in the Science workbook. She had fun molding beeswax into her own honeycomb, and of course we had to eat some honey as well.

Health : The lesson for the week was all about stovetop cooking! Mimzy learned how to make tea (pre-bagged and loose leaf) and grilled cheese sandwiches, and also experimented with honey, sugar, and milk to decide how she liked her tea the best. Turns out she liked all 3! Though it wasn't stove-top, she decided to make an apple pie from scratch instead of the soup recommended in the lesson. Given all the prep work involved, and how much she enjoyed it, I figured it was a good substitution!

Art : Mimzy started working on making her own calendar. This week we did January and February of 2015!

Music : We used rhythm work with her multiplication tables.

Craft : We made the honeycomb using beeswax, worked on her calendar, and she also learned how to use origami to make fortune tellers.

Extra : Karate lessons, swim team, spanish lessons at Duolingo, as usual. We also started typing lessons using Dance Mat Typing!

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