Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Week of 11/23/2014-11/29/2014

This week was a rough one, as evidenced by the fact that this blog update is 4 days later than usual. The car broke down and much of our school time was spent trying to find rides to necessary locations, the adults had their turns at being ill, and Thanksgiving took up an entire day of school time. So, unfortunately the arts and crafts we had planned for the week were what really suffered. 

Reading/Language Arts : Read Solomon Owl and wrote about his adventures in her reading journal.

Math : Reviewed our time tables, did splashmath.com, etc as usual. We did mixed problems using all 4 processes, and measurement and money-counting worksheets.

Social Studies : Mimzy used her map from last week and added the Isle of Iona, where Columcille lived, and also arrows representing the migration of the Celtic people. She added these to her legend. 

Science : We watched videos, read, and discussed different kinds of animal homes. For example: caves, holes in the ground, thickets, nests, tree hollows, etc and the animals that lived in them. She then chose three different animals and different homes and wrote about them in her journal.

Health : We discussed her body's need for both exercise and sleep. Mimzy worked out for 10 minutes straight and then made notes about how her body felt (ie: racing heart, short of breath), and then we thought up different ways she could get rest through a busy day.

Art : Nothing special this week!

Music : We used rhythm work with her multiplication tables.

Craft : Nothing special this week!

Extra : Karate lessons, swim team, spanish lessons at Duolingo, typing lessons using Dance Mat Typing.

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