Saturday, August 9, 2014

Our Curriculum

For Mimzy, our second-grade level student, we use Oak Meadow curriculum. We supplement her education with frequent field trips to local museums and zoos; she also has multiple trips a week to martial arts lessons and the library. Shark, our preschool age student, loves reading and playing with flashcards. There are also many other ways in which they learn. They both enjoy imaginative play, in which they builds forts, create clothes/costumes, and pretend that the world is full of magic. Mimzy wants to be a scientist and a mermaid, and frequently does science experiments at home, and of course researches how she might one day turn herself into a real mermaid. They both do imitation activities, helping us to clean, pay bills, make appointments, cook meals, etc. We spend time out in nature so they can learn how plants and animals interact, how food grows, and generally observe and interact with the world around them. We believe that life is full of teachable moments, that we should always enjoy learning, and should never stop seeking knowledge.

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