Friday, August 15, 2014

Week of 08/10/2014-08/16/2014

We took a field trip to 
Historic Sauder Village where the kids were able to learn about local history as well as experience it first-hand. They churned butter, rode on a horse-drawn carriage, shelled beans, made noodles, practiced cabinetry ... there's so much to do there! Mimzy also started lessons in crochet, and she was able to make several bracelets/anklets using the basic chain stitch.

Lessons :

Reading/Language Arts : Reviewed word families, Mimzy read and discussed with me several “chapters” of the story Jolly Robin, (See “Jolly Robin” note). Entered summary of week’s reading into Workbook.

Math : Discussed the 4 basic processes of math. (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division). Reviewed addition and subtraction, and explained (with examples) how multiplication and division worked. 

Social Studies : Read an ancient Chinese legend, Laownu and the Fallen Sky. Mimzy then summarized the story in her workbook and drew a picture representing it. Played with Tangrams, and decorated a mask.

Science : Explored 5 senses by playing 5 different games. Discussed the games in Workbook.
Game #1 : took turns being blindfolded, the person who was blindfolded had to find the other person following sound cues. Discussed sense of hearing and how animals used it in the wild (echolocation, hunting, etc).  --  Game #2 :  Discussed our individual "territories" (ie : bedrooms, places we usually sit in the living room, where we put our things) and observed animals in their specific "territories" in nature and in out home (pets.) --  Game #3 : We played Pin the Antennae on the Ant. --  Game #4 :  Blindfolded again, had Mimzy smell 5 bowls filled with garlic, vinegar, cinnamon, vanilla, and fruit juice, and had her identify each item using only her sense of smell. Then discussed how animals (specifically dogs) used their sense of smell.  --  Game #5 : Blindfolded and set 5 objects in front of Meara, letting her use one finger to touch them in an attempt to discern what they were. Discussed how insects used antennae/cats used whiskers.

Health : Discussed differences and similarities in humans and animals, including physical, cosmetic, mental, abilities, manner of dress, etc. Discussed pigmentation in the skin and it’s purpose.

Art : Discussed the seasons and painted pictures representing them.

Music : Began Recorder lessons.

Craft : Began learning to crochet, created some bracelets/anklets using the basic chain stitch.

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