Friday, August 29, 2014

Week of 8/24/2014-8/30/2014

This weekend we went to the zoo, which is always a lot of fun! Our favorite moment was when the sloth bear posed for the camera, very obviously stopping what it was doing to smile at me after I got my camera out.

Reading/Language Arts : Continued reading/logging Jolly Robin. Reviewed CH/CL consonant blends. Did workpages in Star Wars 2nd grade reading book, talked about collective nouns.

Math : Learned 2 times table, discussed other times tables she already knew (2, 5, 10, 11). Reviewed more subtraction word problems and learned to “FIND! THE! DIFFERENCE!!!!” when extracting number problems from word problems. Did Greater/Less/Equal problems. Pages in Star Wars 2nd grade Math book. Played math games on the computer.

Social Studies : Discussed recent times, long ago times, and long, long ago. (ie : yesterday, when she was a baby, before cars were invented, before electricity was invented) Read a story from the Mali empire about Sundiata the “Lion King”. Drew a picture representing the story, and created our own story to practice storytelling.

Science : Talked about how objects in motion stay in motion, and did movement experiments by running, riding bikes, and dropping eggs. Observed birds in the neighborhood and journaled their movement, habitat, and what they ate. Listened for bird song to determine what kinds of birds we had locally.

Health : Discussed ways to stay healthy and journaled it.

Art : Art for other lessons, also more wet paper watercoloring and started to learn about shading pencil drawings.

Music  : Continued learning recorder.

Craft : Continued learning to crochet.

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