Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Homeschool Day at the Zoo!

Today was such a great day at The Zoo! Mimzy had SO much fun with the homeschool lessons that she was beaming and bouncing in her seat the entire ride home, raving about all the fun things she did.

Here's what they did : 
Made crafts with fingerprints and foam stickers.
Had a class about animal habitats.
Had a class about the food chain. ("Food Webs")
Went to see the "Science of Flight" bird show at the Museum of Science, which they both LOVED. Mimzy got to volunteer, and Shark now apparently wants to be a bird trainer.
Had a class about animal's skin (feathers, fur, scales, shells, called "Cool Coverings")
Went on a walking tour of the primate exhibits.
Played lots of games (animal print Twister, hop like a frog)
Got to touch lots of skin and bones from real animals (who died of old age) including : rhino skull, hippo skull, tiger pelt, polar bear pelt, gorilla pelt, elephant foot, etc.
Got to touch some real LIVING animals, including a prehensile skink, a screech owl, and a snake (I didn't hear what kind it was).
And then, of course, played at the park, saw a couple favorites, and ate lunch.

It was A BLAST!

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