Friday, September 19, 2014

Week of 9/14/2014-9/20/2014

Reading/Language Arts : Continued reading the Tale of Paddy Muskrat, and entering it into the reading journal. Mimzy was getting a bit overwhelmed by how much she had to copy, so we also talked about breaking her work into easy-to-consume "chunks". The poem we studied this week was an old favorite of hers, "Rhinos Purple, Hippos Green" by Michael Patrick Hearn.

Math : W
orked on mixed problems (+, -, x, ÷) in her journal. We also used once a day, and played math games with Easy Peasy Homeschool.

Social Studies : Read “Columcille of Ireland”, and drew a picture about the story. We also discussed the part that Druid and Christian monks played in preserving our history and knowledge during the Dark Ages.

Science : This week we researched natural cycles. We made a chart to track her sleep, hunger, and energy level through the week.

Health : We did a review of the past 5 weeks' lessons. She also had a chance to use her first aid kit on an injury at the zoo. 

Art : Drawing and painting for other subjects, painting with tempera paints just for fun. She did a great job mixing basic colors (white, black, green, yellow, red)! 
Music  : Continued learning recorder.

Craft : Continued learning to crochet.

Extra : Karate lessons, Spanish lessons at Duolingo, and we also went to Homeschool Day at the zoo! Mimzy also got some first-hand knowledge of plumbing when she watched the contractor (who also homeschools, pleasant surprise!) replace our leaking tub.

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