Saturday, September 13, 2014

Week of 9/7/2014-9/13/2014

This week we visited the local fair! Mimzy always enjoys interacting with animals, and the kids both even got to ride their aunt's horse before the rodeo!

Reading/Language Arts : Began reading the Tale of Paddy Muskrat. We also started discussing poetry. This week's poem to practice was Beneath The Sea by Maud Keary.

Math : W
orked on mixed problems (+, -, x, 
÷) in her journal. We also used once a day, and played math games with Easy Peasy Homeschool.

Social Studies : Read “Tiger and the Big Wind: A Nigerian Fable”, and drew a picture about the story. We also discussed Native American local history.

Science : This week we researched how animals form symbiotic relationships in nature, and also how humans and animals interact with each other. Things we focused on were service animals, sea anemone/clownfish, and birds that coexist with animals and eat pests off their bodies.

Health : We watched several videos and studied basic first aid, such as how to care for a minor cut/burn, or how to assist someone who is choking. We also assembled a small first aid kit that she can carry with her.

Art : Drawing and painting for other subjects, we also talked about various techniques we hope to try next week.

Music  : Continued learning recorder.

Craft : Continued learning to crochet.

Extra : Went to the fair, karate lessons, library, and we also started Spanish lessons this week with! 

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