Friday, January 9, 2015

Week of 01/04/2015-01/10/2015

Mimzy's extra interests have started getting a bit overwhelming! Spanish, typing, programming ... now she gets to pick one a day rather than trying to do them all at once.

Reading/Language Arts : We're now reading The Voyages of Dr. Dolittle! This week was a slow intro back into the regular routine, so she just read and didn't journal.

Math : We reviewed and wrote down all of the times tables she already knew, and started focusing on the 3 table. 

Social Studies : We talked about heritage, including where her ancestors and those of close family members came from.

Science : Mimzy got to watch and read all about birds and how they build their nests! We also used a loom to weave some potholders so she could get an idea about how some birds weaved their nests by interlocking sticks.

Health : This was just a review week! We went over the things we'd learned in previous weeks, which fit very conveniently into our relaxed start to the year.

Art : Mimzy and Shark painted with some new paints she'd gotten for the holidays, that are filled with sparkles! There were also some new paintbrushes in various shapes.

Music : This week she started learning how to read music! Her step-dad is in charge of these lessons since he's much more musically inclined than I am. All three of them (Mimzy, Shark, and Dad) had drums and learned what the different kinds of beats were, and how to keep time.
Craft : Besides making the pot-holder, Mimzy had time on her own to make crafts. She made some of her own scented hand moisturizer, put it into bottles, and distributed it to family!

Extra : Karate lessons, swim team... She also started using a new program called Tynker, which is a game that helps teach kids how to program! It was a lot of fun! 

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