Friday, January 16, 2015

Week of 01/11/2015-01/17/2015

Reading/Language Arts : This week Mimzy copied two poems into her reading journal and drew pictures for them. She also continued reading The Voyages of Doctor Dolittle.

Math : Continued discussing the 3 times table, and played several math games on her tablet.

Social Studies : We started the nine-week economic block of her curriculum! This week she read the story "Deidre of Ulster: Life in Ancient Celtic Ireland" and learned about natural resources and their value in ancient times (and today.) She also learned about how people would trade these natural resources in their raw form for man-made objects of value, such as weapons and jewelry.

Science : Mimzy learned about the weaverbird of Africa, and all about how they make their fascinating nests. We also practiced weaving with yarn.

Health : We started a new block of curriculum in health covering self-esteem. This week was Good Sportsmanship, and she journaled different ways she could show good sportsmanship when losing or winning a game, and also discussed some of her favorite games.

Art : This week was heavy on drawing and journalling, so we didn't do any official art, though she's always drawing on her own.

Music : This week Mimzy and Michael covered more about rhythm, rests, and reading music. 

Craft :  She made papercraft dragons, and we also built a snow man! 

Extra : No karate lessons or swim team this week because we only had one working car! Thankfully that issue is fixed and we'll be able to go back to normal next week. She had her homeschooling day at the zoo, did splash math, and other educational games on the computer and tablet. 

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