Saturday, February 21, 2015

Week of 02/15/2015-02/21/2015

Reading/Language Arts : Since giving Mimzy more freedom in her reading lessons, she's started loving reading again. I found her and Shark one night, well past their bedtimes, lying cuddled up in her bed with a pile of books and his toy computer. 

Math : Practicing the times table and we recently started setting a timer so she can "race" herself in completing problems. It helps her focus on actually doing the problems, instead of on everything but. We're keeping these "races" very casual and low-pressure, but it seems to work.

Social Studies : This week we learned about "ring money", the first official "money", used in Celtic Ireland. She read a story about "Erin and the 'Ring Money'" and journaled about it in her workbook. We also discussed times when using money is much more practical than trading goods directly. (ie : Carrying an entire herd of cows around with you wherever you go haha)

Science : Animal prints! This week Mimzy did several fun worksheets about identifying animal prints, including the difference between predators and prey. We found some tracks in the back yard and she helped to identify and "track" them.

Health : We did a self-esteem project! Mimzy listed several traits she considered true of herself, and then decorated the word "ME" with them. It was a lot of fun. Shark did one, as well, though I might've helped a little. ;)

Art : She did a lot of drawing for her journal and on her own. (The picture to the side her her expressing her love to Inuyasha, an anime character, and his responding (eloquently) with "What?")

Music : Nothing formal this week, we're all kind of getting cabin fever. Lots of dancing and singing to work out some wiggles, though.

Extra : We made juice-box robots for Shark's birthday party! Also, karate as usual. No more swim team, unfortunately!

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