Saturday, February 28, 2015

Week of 02/22/2015-02/28/2015

Reading/Language Arts : Mimzy decided to do mostly workbooks this week. She focused on her drawing practice book (which has step-by-step drawing instructions, then a brief story describing the subject, and room on the back for creative writing about the subject.) and her Star Wars workbook.

Math : Using a story example in the curriculum book, Mimzy and her dad learned more about "Mr. Placevalue" and his adventures in real estate. It's silly, but a really fun way to understand place values.

Social Studies : We discussed real-life examples of money exchange and bartering in the modern world, and roleplayed both.

Science : We discussed the food chain. Mimzy has done this subject before, especially during her zoo adventures, so we focused more on HER food chain than that of animals in the wild. She made a list of her favorite foods and traced the chain back to the sun, and then we made an actual "chain" of two of them (cheese crackers and juice) our of construction paper.

Health : So, I finally found her health book, stealthily hidden in the tote where I store all of her other school supplies. What? I don't even know. ANYWAY - This week we discussed challenging herself, and how it can benefit her in the future. She made a list of her talents and interests, then where these could lead her in the future. (ie : Her interest in art and creative writing could give her a career in comic books, her interest in swimming could lead to her being a world champion.) 

Art : We painted (faces, paper...) and decorated for the birthday party. Mimzy always helps me decorate for parties, it's a lot of fun for both of us.

Music : Does singing "Happy Birthday" count? haha we didn't have anything formal this week again, just music enjoyment per usual. 

Extra : Happy birthday to my little Shark! <3
We had a fun week this week. Mimzy decided to write a new game called 'The Yolk Is On You!' In it, two or more people pass a yellow ball (the "yolk") back and forth while singing a song. (Any song.) When the song is over, whoever is holding the ball has to tell a joke that makes the other person/people laugh.

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