Friday, March 6, 2015

Week of 03/01/2015-03/07/2015

Reading/Language Arts : Mimzy did pages in her Star Wars workbooks, and entered writing into her journal. 

Math : We started on the 6 times tables, and skip-counting by six, and she also did Star Wars workbooks.
Social Studies : Mimzy read the story "The Movement of the Lakota Sioux", and discussed scarcity. Then she drew two pictures, one in which the Sioux had everything they needed, one in which they did not. Then we did an exercise in which she had to think about things she had that she could live without, and things she could not.

Science : We explored ways in which animals and people could help each other. She made lists in her journal of come ways we could help each other, and thought of ways she could help animals in our area. (ie : picking up litter, making bird/squirrel feeders)

Health : We discussed decision making for the individual and the group, and made a journal entry about people who were responsible for making decisions.

Art : This week we explored color mixing and creating geometric borders.

Music : Mimzy went to see an orchestra perform music from some of her favorite series, including Harry Potter and Star Wars!

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