Friday, March 13, 2015

Week of 03/08/2015-03/14/2015

Reading/Language Arts : We did Star Wars workbooks, and writing in her journal. We've started focusing more on proper punctuation and capitalization.

Math : We did mixed problems in her journal and focused more on the 6 times table.

Social Studies : Continuing to focus on scarcity, this week Mimzy pretended she was given a magic wishing stone. She wrote a list of items she would wish for in her journal, getting quite creative with some of them. When she'd written down everything she could think of to wish for, I told her that she lost her wishing stone and could only keep one of the items that she had wished for. She then drew a picture of the item she chose (after much deliberation). 

Science : We discussed what animals ate. She learned to identify carnivores, herbivores, and omnivores based on several identifying characteristics, such as build and the shape of the teeth. She then entered lists of various animals as we discussed them, identifying each by the food it ate.

Health : This week we discussed sharing resources in the community, such as waterways and parks. We went on a long walk around the neighborhood and talked about community responsibility to keep places clean and free of litter. We also discussed the phrase "leave only footprints."

Art : We continued learning about how to use geometric shapes to make patterns and designs for borders.

Music : Continuing the theme from last week's concert, we listened to orchestral versions of some of her favorite songs.

Extra : This was a Zoo week, so she had her monthly homeschool lessons there. She also learned that her team had won first place at her swim meet for the relay she participated in! 

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