Friday, March 20, 2015

Week of 03/15/2015-03/21/2015

Reading/Language Arts : Mimzy spent time writing in her journal about various topics and did Star Wars workbooks this week.

Math : We focused on the 6 times table more, did mixed math, and pages from her workbook.

Social Studies : We read the fable of the mouse and the Lion, and discussed how kindness can be rewarded. We discussed ways in which she had shown mercy in the past, and how it made her feel. We also discussed how others had shown kindness and mercy to her.

Science : This week we discussed how animals communicate with humans and with each other.She made a graph showing the Reason an animal was communicating, How the animal communicated, and what Senses were used to communicate.

Health : This week was a review week!

Art : This week we made rubber band bracelets and focused on color patterns.

Music : We focused on identifying instruments in orchestral music, especially the violin, which is her favorite.

Extra : The weather was nice (albeit squishy) so we spent a lot of time outside this week!

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