Friday, March 27, 2015

Week of 03/22/2015-03/28/2015

Reading/Language Arts : Mimzy wrote about some of her favorite shows and manga in her journal this week, and also did worksheet pages I printed off the internet, which she found a lot of fun.

Math : Mimzy did several worksheets from the internet, and mixed math problems. We also studied the 7 times table all week.

Social Studies : We read the fable "The Fox and the Stork", and learned that we must treat others as we wish to be treated. We discussed times when she had been treated well by others, and when she had been treated ill by others. She drew a picture of the fable in her journal.

Science : Continuing discussion about how animals communicate, we discussed how domestic animals express love, and the desire for food, water, and other necessities. She observed our cat through the day and journaled about how she communicated and showed affection.

Health : We discussed safety around electricity and during inclement weather, and she drew a picture of it in her journal.

Art : Lots of drawing for other subjects this week! We also did some Easter crafts.

Music : We spent a lot of time dancing this week, focusing on rhythm.

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