Friday, October 3, 2014

Week of 09/28/2014-10/04/2014

Mimzy had a blast watching the musical production of Aladdin Jr.!

Reading/Language Arts : Finished reading the Tale of Paddy Muskrat, and entering it into the reading journal. The poem we learned this week was "A Snail" by Maud Keary.

Math : Did problems involving even and odd numbers, and wrote down her 5 times table. She also practiced reciting her 2 and 5 times tables and did once a day.

Social Studies : Read “Fair Exchange -- A Celtic Folktale" and drew a picture relating to the story.

Science : This week Mimzy collected leaves and  identified that they came from 9 different trees (The Ohio Public Library Information Network was an invaluable resource). She was then supposed to press them in wax paper, but we had a hard time finding wax paper, so instead she drew them. We also discussed laws of motion. We discussed how to measure and speed, how gravity affected speed, and how inertia worked. We also did some experiments relating to these topics.

Health : This week we discussed community safety, including how to help keep others safe and how to safely cross a street. We also made a list of where to go and who to talk to in various places we go regularly to find help if there is a problem or emergency. 

Art : Painting with "real" watercolors instead of the cheap dry palettes, also lots of drawing relating to her other assignments.

Music  : Learned lots of new songs to sing, and we also went to see the musical Aladdin Jr!

Craft : Lots of painting! Our big craft project was a bust since we couldn't find wax paper until the end of the week.

Extra : Karate lessons, Spanish lessons at Duolingo, and seeing the musical Aladdin, Jr. We also went to the library and she sat in on the story time sessions.

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