Friday, October 17, 2014

Week of 10/12/2014-10/18/2014

Reading/Language Arts : We did a lot of reading work in Science this week, so we took a break from it in reading class this week. Instead, she worked on homophones, did crossword puzzles, and learned about some tricky language aspects like kn/gn, wr/r, and i before e.

Math : Did problems involving even and odd numbers, and wrote down her 5 times table. She also practiced reciting her 2 and 5 times tables and did once a day.

Social Studies : We discussed how a compass works, and she drew a compass rose. We identified which parts of our house faced the various directions. We discussed continents, and identified our continent on her globe.

Science : This week Mimzy read three different science stories and entered them into her journal. We discussed how plants require water and sun, how clouds made rain and how rainwater affected all life, and how a fruit tree produces it's fruit.

Health : We talked about how a clean environment affected health, made a list of things she can do every day to keep her room clean, and actually cleaned and organized her bedroom.

Art : We painted still-life paintings using fresh flowers as the subject.

Music  : This week we learned to sing several new songs, including some of her favorites like "Let it Go". We looked up the lyrics online, and practiced them several times until we'd gotten them right.

Craft : This week was busy with big projects so we didn't do a craft!

Extra : Karate lessons every day this week due to an upcoming tournament, Spanish lessons at Duolingo, as usual. We also went to the Zoo for homeschool day, and Mimzy learned about African animals. We also raked leaves and spent a lot of time outside in the crisp Fall air!

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