Saturday, October 11, 2014

Week of 10/05/2014-10/11/2014

Late update for this week due to sickness, and we also had a slow week due to it. It seems like we've all been sick since last Thursday! UGH. But the good thing about homeschooling is that there are no "sick days"!

Reading/Language Arts : A bit of a change this week, we read two fables (Little Red Hen and The Boy Who Cried Wolf) instead of reading out of the Animal Friends book. Mimzy also did a crossword puzzle using all homophones.

Social Studies : We made a book all about our family! Including our daily lives, stories we've handed down, etc. Meara also illustrated each page.

Science : This week we discussed Newton's second law of motion and did experiments to explain that F=MA. She also did some fun worksheets about beetles.

Health : We discussed how to deal with strangers, when it's ok to speak with or help a stranger (when an adult you trust is with you), and how to not judge people based solely on their appearance.

Music : Playing with different instruments, Mimzy compared the different sounds made by a 12-hold ocarina, a 6-hole ocarina, a harmonica, and a recorder.

Extra : Karate class, we also signed Mimzy up for the swim team this week, and she had a birthday! Duolingo and Splashmath as normal. No special arts and crafts this week!

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