Friday, October 24, 2014

Week of 10/19/2014-10/25/2014

Reading/Language Arts : Mimzy read the book "Ben and Meg" about two children who are also taught at home using Oak Meadow curriculum, and wrote about it in her reading journal. We also read a lot of stories for Science!

Math : Mimzy worked a lot on greater-than and less-than problems, going up to the thousands. We also started working on subtraction word problems once more, they tend to be the trickiest. She practiced her 2 and 5 times tables and did once a day.

Social Studies : This week Mimzy did a fun worksheet where she had to follow instructions and use her navigation skills to map out a castle and fill it with furniture. She drew a map of Ancient China, complete with compass rose, and we researched how the boundaries of China have changed from ancient times to present day. She located China, Africa, and the British Isles on her globe (all places we read myths about last quarter.) We also located our continent, country, and state.

Science : We read a story about a young girl and her garden. The story discussed how a garden transforms from green land to a garden plot through ploughing, harrowing, working with a rake and spade, etc. Mimzy drew a beautiful picture of her own garden in her workbook, with the tiny seedlings in neat rows. We also learned about monocotyledonous and dicotyledonous plants, and she drew and labeled examples of each.

Health : This week we learned about how emergency services work. We discussed how to call for help, and roleplayed that Mimzy was a paramedic while Shark and a large doll were people who needed help. She wrote a list of steps an EMT takes when they arrive at the scene, including checking for breathing, looking for injuries, etc, all the way up to delivering the injured party to the emergency room at the hospital.

Art : She did some beautiful, detailed art in her journal!

Music : We played with her Legend of Zelda ocarina and practiced some of the songs in the book that came with it.

Craft : We did a lot of crafts with raffia this week, including dolls, a bird's nest, and a wreath.

Extra : Karate lessons, spanish lessons at Duolingo, as usual. Raking leaves and playing games in the leaf piles. We went swimming and practiced treading water.

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