Friday, October 31, 2014

Week of 10/26/2014-11/01/2014

Reading/Language Arts : Read and discussed fables and entered them into the reading journal. She also read a science book about astronomy and the night sky.

Math : This week we used Star Wars workbooks a lot, and played several math games each day. She practiced her 2 and 5 times tables and did once a day.

Social Studies : Mimzy identified the continent of Africa on her globe and drew an outline map of it, complete with compass rose. We looked at some of the different climates found there, and discussed some of the animals that could be found there. She did research to learn how a girl in Africa spent her day, and watched some interesting documentaries on YouTube. She wrote about the daily life of a girl in Africa in her journal and drew a picture. 

Science : Mimzy spent a lot of time outside this week following the life of a squirrel. Using her research and National Geographic website, she wrote an essay about squirrels (including their habitat, predators, behaviour, eating habits, etc) and drew a picture of a squirrel's habitat. 

Health : This was a review week, so we discussed what we'd learned over the past few weeks: safety when alone or in a group; community safety; who can you trust?; keeping a clean room; and paramedics.

Art : Painting, drawing, and discussing Van Gogh's "Starry Night."

Music : Singing and rhythm work.

Craft : We made Halloween crafts while watching The Nightmare Before Christmas, and carved pumpkins!

Extra : Karate lessons, spanish lessons at Duolingo, as usual. She went swimming and practiced swimming in the deep end and jumping from the diving board. 

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